Redeemer Health & Rehab Center) to Host Total Brain Health BRAIN WORKOUT Classes

 They will be held in the 2nd Floor Dining Room/3rd Dining Room 2x  per month starting in April. The science shows that we must engage in many different ways to both support our daily thinking skills and to reduce our risk for serious memory loss.  Redeemer will proudly host a series of 20 TBH BRAIN WORK OUT training classes for residents. The TBH BRAIN WORKOUT classes teach brain healthy lifestyles with engaging exercises that span the physical, mental and emotional health pillars of well-being. Class activities range from juggling, to cartooning to meditating and will run for 1-­hour|,- twice a month.  The Therapeutic Recreation Department will be the course leaders. We are looking forward to offering this series of classes at Redeemer. The Total Brain Health Brain Workout training classes reflect our commitment to better educate our community on brain wellness interventions.

The TBH BRAIN WORKOUT program was developed by renowned brain health expert and author, Dr. Cynthia Green. “It is our mission to improve the lives of adults by providing valuable information on staying sharp and vital in mind, body and spirit,” said Dr. Green. “Online brain training can mask the real science of what brain fitness is all about, namely engaging in lifestyle behaviors that have been tied to staying sharp.  Our programs are scientifically-­based brain fitness products that help adults age successfully.”

All classes will be held at Redeemer Health & Rehab Center from April – December 2018.


Total Brain Health is a leading provider of memory and brain fitness training programs designed for activity and wellness professionals. Total Brain Health offers a suite of social-­based, experiential memory and brain fitness programs for small and large groups. Developed from over three decades of research, TBH Toolkits teach effective steps to boosting brain power using highly social, fun and engaging classes. For more information, call 973-­655-­0422 or visit ww.totalbrainhealth.com.

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